Santa Rosa Massage for Men

Santa Rosa Massage by Dickson

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James Dickson Massage Therapist

Hello!  I'm delighted you visited.

I enjoy working with men and women, any age, shape & size, and with any level of physical or emotional needs.  I'm here to help you towards health and well-being, and to be emotionally present for you.

It is my hope to personally master the skills that you need and that others aren't offering.  When your session has new techniques you've not experienced before and address your issues, that is when I know I'm doing my job for you. It is my goal to exceed your expectations.

Choose Me

I'm 5' 10", 157 lbs, freckled, tactile, friendly.

I know it is hard to choose a new practitioner.   It took me 3 years to actually call a massage therapist, although I kept looking at dozen of advertisements and websites.  I was so apprehensive.  I understand if you are as well.

To help make it a little easier, I've been putting more of my life on this website.  You'll see videos and images of me, and many people I that I work with.  I hope this helps you to know more about me, and to feel at ease to contact me.

My Rates and Geography

Massage In: Sonoma County, CA. I live in Santa Rosa.  Come to my house for a great session. Shower available, private & quiet residential area.

  • 60 minutes = $85
  • 90 minutes = $105
  • 120 minutes = $145
  • sports injury
    = session devoted to a "single pain spot" or a "pain pattern"
    = 20 minutes minimum
    = $1 per minute

Massage Out: No longer available for outcalls.

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Tips and Tipping

Your decision to tip or not tip  is up to you.  Generous tips encourage me to be generous too. When you know that you've received more than you would from anyone else, or had a special breath-through, then please tip me.  When you are a weekly regular client, please DO NOT tip me, unless something extraordinary happens for you.

If I need to improve, don't tip me.  Please don't automatically tip either.  I will honestly do better in the next session if you use the tip as a bottom-line means of communicating your satisfaction with me.

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Phone:(707) 824-8700
Clients accepted: men (90%), women (10%)
Draping: Whatever you are most comfortable with.
Specialties: I am motivated to have you overcome pain.  I can work with you on many levels to help you. The more you tell me what you want, the more you'll get exactly what you need.  In pain?  I can help.

For pain, I work especially well with menopausal women (peri-menopausal and post-menopause), and straight, gay, and bisexual  men in physical or emotional pain.  For either the man or woman, I give one hell of a relaxation massage.

Click to download in FLV format (8.31MB)

Relaxation & Ecstatic Massage

(25% of my practice)

I offer a full-body massage that comes from my heart with unconditional attention and devotion to you and your needs.  Your entire body is squeezed and kneaded.  You'll melt on the table.  My strokes will have no beginning or end, your mind will wander into a trance.  Whatever sensuality you are comfortable with will be brought into the session. Ask for the "30-minute sustained ecstacy" if you want to experience something that will entirely blow you away and be entirely different.  You will come to know yourself in a new way.

Pain-Relieving Massage

(50% of my practice)

You'll experience a nurturing session that is energizing and pain-relieving since I specialize in "medical" massage techniques. You'll walk out of the session feeling better for days and even weeks.  We'll work together to eliminate pain coming from compensation patterns, posture, and lifestyle. Healing also comes from the knowledge I pass on to you about how your body works and things you can do at home to reduce pain.

You'll find videos on this website from actual clients that have been relieved of acute and chronic pain:

  • "ice-pick" or stabbing pains,
  • low-back pain where you are unable to get out of bed, or bend-over
  • Unable to turn your head neck pain

Emotional Touch Therapy

(25% of my practice)

I use a combination of touch & talk therapies to help people overcome deeply rooted emotional issues related to Abandonment, Anger, Addiction, and Abuse (sexual, physical, emotional). Through touch and massage I help you to overcome fears and destructive patterns.  Ideal for people referred by their psychotherapist, life coach, spiritual advisor, or in a recovery program.

Learn Massage

Come learn how to massage others.  It's a great way to rekindle a romance, or deepen intimacy with a family member.  I teach massage to groups simply for their personal fun development.  Check this website for workshops and other services.


I've been in a full-time massage practice since 2001.  With over 800 hours of certified training, from two great schools:

  • Alive & Well, Institute of Conscious Bodywork
  • Body Electric, School of Massage

Modalities and Techniques Practiced

  • Swedish / Relaxation / Stretching
  • Deep Tissue - removing fibrous / muscular "knots"
  • Bodywork - Overcome Your Pain! I'll work with any problem.
  • Hot Stones - I'll include automatically when you need it. Ask too!
  • Abused? Emotional and Trauma Recovery
  • Trigger-Point
  • Thai Massage - Experience a floor massage!
  • Shiatsu - Watsu - Accupressure
  • Watsu® (you supply the water at 98°F or more)
  • Neuromuscular Reprogramming (NMR) — NMR is a great way to permanently get rid of pain caused by recruitment patterns.

Personal Information

  • I am an Enneagram 8 with Wing 7  (the Challenger / Maveric) - the healing energy flows strongest between myself and 2's, 5's, 9's, 7's.
  • Chinese - "White Rat" (Yang / Metal / Practical )
  • Astrology - "Cancer" (Asc: Libra, Desc: Aries, Nad: Capricorn) Caring, supportive, and protective of others
  • I am single
  • Currently writing a book that deals with necessary infrastructure changes to the American system


I sell gift certificates.

I practice at a/an:

  • My home
  • Your house (2 persons preferred!)
  • Your hotel room, Bed & Breakfast, Resort, Vacation Rental
  • At the gym, coffee shops, on the floor, in a chair, anywhere, anytime.


Experience & Credentials:

  • 2001-present Full-time massage practitioner
  • 2007 Regional Coordinator - - (I'm politically centrist)
  • 2007 Pachamama - Awakening the Dreamer Facilitator (I'm for advancing Spiritual Consciousness)
  • 1995-2001 President, Vital Business Solutions
  • 1995-1998 Consultant, Etrade Corp.
  • 1993-1995 Vice President, Tesseract Corp
  • 1992-1993 Consultant, VISA, CSAA
  • 1990-1992 Owner, Speech Solutions, a Touch-Tone Automated Voice Response (AVR) Technology Company
  • 1983-1990 Vice President, Information Systems Division, Charles Schwab & Co.
  • 1982-1983 Systems Programmer, Clorox
  • 1978-1982 Systems & Applications Programmer, Safeway Stores, Inc.